Thursday, 9 May 2013

Derbyshire Open Arts Part 2 Artists Interviews

Derbyshire Open Arts is going to be a major event at Studio 61 Gallery with 13 participating artists and designers.

Outside we will have our marquee set up with Carmen, Anna Krystyna Casey, Dianna Lee, Martin Sloman, Helen Rhodes, Mel Anderson,Christine Gray,  Louise Wright and Gareth Buxton.
Inside the gallery there will be  Karina Goodman, Ruth Gray, Janice Allen and Jenny Oldknow.
The Gallery will be open Saturday25th, Sunday26th, and Monday27th 11am-5pm. With refreshments available to purchase while you browse.
We caught up with some of the artists in the gallery snug prior to the event to find out what they plan to showcase.

Who are you and what do you do?

Mel Anderson: I am Mel Anderson Design, otherwise known as MAD. I'm a textile artist using mainly wet felting techniques to create bright, vibrant and visually exciting wall art, home ware, cards and jewellery, often incorporating other interesting elements such as, vintage and dress jewellery, buttons, ribbons and lace.

Dolores Arriaga: I am Dolores Arriaga and own Carmen's Cosmikandi Jewellery, I make one of a kind handmade jewellery and accessories.

Dianna Lee:  Artywood by Dianna Lee is a bespoke mural and home art design service.

Louise Wright: Hello, I'm Louise Wright and I'm an illustrator and screen printer.

Karina Goodman: I am a watercolour artist and owner of Studio 61 Gallery so I wear two hats whilst juggling between the two.


Anna Krystyna Casey: I'm Anna, and I am a Multi Media Textiles artist, creating decorative art pieces. I also have a small range of home ware and jewellery, and I do commission work too!

Gareth Buxton: My name is Gareth Buxton and I paint landscapes inspired by Snowdonia and the Peak District.

 What will you be displaying at Derbyshire Open Arts this year?

Gareth Buxton: A range of paintings of all sizes, featuring sun, storms, rain, waves, mountains and mist.  All the essential ingredients.

Anna Krystyna Casey: I will be displaying a little of everything, including some new coloured canvas pieces, and framed works.

Dolores Arriaga: I will be displaying a whole new range of jewellery, as well as handmade wooden handbags and decorative signs.

Louise Wright: I will be showing a mixture of original illustrative pieces and a selection of screen printed gifts, home ware and cards.

Dianna Lee:  I will be displaying at Derbyshire Open Arts some example of murals, house signs and hand painted cushions (part of the new outdoor summer range) Also on display will be items for sale including original mythical paintings onto canvas, floral patio art onto slate, floral art onto wood and hand painted coasters plus placemats. At Derbyshire Open Arts this year, I will be looking to enhance my ability to deliver collective art to the public gaining new customers. I will be selling from stock and taking on commissions.

Mel Anderson: At DARTS this year I will be displaying my traditional, trademark hearts and cakes. But I will also introducing my new designs developed for an exciting 'Africa', themed exhibition being held at the Studio 61 Gallery just after this event, along with my good friend Helen of HWRDesigns.

Karina Goodman: I have a new collection of mini originals as well new originals in three styles:- atmospheric derbyshire landscapes, abstracts and coastal inspired watercolours.

 What are you looking forward too at Derbyshire Open Arts This Year?

Mel Anderson: It's the first time I have exhibited the Derbyshire Open Arts weekend, so I'm looking forward to spending time in an inspiring location with amazing art work and lovely, like-minded people. And also meeting and chatting to folk who may not have seen my work in real life before.

Karina Goodman: Having my gallery full of artist friends and meeting new and old customers. I love the buzz this event brings and it's always sad when everyone packs up and leaves. Being surrounded by such creativity does get the creative juices flowing though.

Gareth Buxton: Meeting lots of new people and having a great time chatting.  I hope people enjoy looking at and hopefully buying my paintings!


Louise Wright: This is my first year of being a part of the festival so the whole thing is a big date in my diary for this year!

Dolores Arriaga: I am looking forward to meeting a lot of new people this year!

Dianna Lee:  I am also looking forward to meeting other artists and viewing their various styles and skills first hand.

Anna Krystyna Casey: It's my first D O A, so I'm excited about all aspects! It's great to be at Studio 61, as I know many of the other artists and know we'll be supporting each other. I always look forward to meeting lots of new people at these events, and introducing my work to them, it great to be able to chat in person and answer questions.

What are your plans or events planned for 2013/2014?

Louise Wright: I'm exhibiting at a fair almost every weekend but some highlights are The Art Market in Holmfirth 22nd & 23rd June and I am part of the exhibition CMKY running at the Making House in Burton Upon Trent which is on now!

Karina Goodman: This month I am exhibiting as part of Belper Arts Collaborative. The rest of 2013 I will be working with long standing friend Martin Sloman and Ruth Gray on our successful Friends of Studio 61 exhibitions throughout the county culminating in our Winter Exhibition at the prestigious D H Lawrence Museum. 2014 joint exhibition with Martin Sloman at D H Lawrence Museum as well as exhibiting with Friends of Studio 61 Gallery, I plans to expand on the amount of galleries to whom I supply my work as the numbers are sadly in decline as some have since closed, I also want to explore mixed media and find time to get those images out of my head I love having the gallery but it does take over sometimes and my artwork gets pushed to the back burner.


Dianna Lee:  I am always driven by new ideas and materials, current styles and inspiration so I guess that plays a part to every new season throughout the year. I’m looking forward to meeting new clients, artists, crafts people this year taking part in new events that I will be attending through out the year. These can be viewed on my website

Anna Krystyna Casey: My main focus currently is my exhibition 'Synthesis' at The National Centre for Craft and Design, opening June 8th. After that, I'll be involved in the Sculpture Village again, and I'm working and a new sculptural work.


Dolores Arriaga: You can find out more on !!

Mel Anderson: The 'Under African Skies' Exhibition in June, here at Studio61 Gallery with Helen, is my next big thing and the first exhibition of its kind for me! I'm so pleased and excited to have been asked. Followed by a 3 way coastal themed exhibition, entitled 'Sea 3' from the 24th-29th September in Nottingham with two very talented ceramicists Sarah Burton (not to be confused with the Royal wedding dress designer) and Judy Adams. Another first for me! I'm hoping to have felted most of the world by this time next year. For up to date information please go to


Derbyshire Open Arts has produced a colourful and informative 66-page brochure. The clear-to-read instructions and location maps enable visitors to find and plan routes around the venues over the three days. Brochures are available free in all tourist centres and libraries, and from participating artists. They can also be ordered on the website: