Thursday, 8 May 2014

Derbyshire Open Arts Part 1 at Studio 61 Gallery

This is the first of three blogs showcasing the work and artists statements of those taking part in Derbyshire Open Arts at Studio 61 this year. Every year we aim to bring you a mix of established and emerging talent with a variety of work and styles on show.

Helen Domleo

I am a South African jeweller, with a passion for sustainability, living a predominantly outdoor lifestyle in Nottinghamshire, UK. My jewellery is designed to be a practical adornment and can be worn whilst enjoying an active lifestyle.
Inspiration for my work comes from the pods, leaves and other natural objects around me, and from my earlier work in the African bush.
I form and shape each piece, patterning the surfaces using hammers and other tools. Patterns can be imprinted, using a rolling mill, with a selection of fabrics, leaves or other fibres, or by hammering and stamping, to create rich textures. I add colour by using copper, brass and beads from natural materials or glass.

I studied silver smithing in Sumatra, Indonesia between graduating in archaeology and anthropology, and returning to Johannesburg as Curator of the Ethnology Collection at Museum Africa. My extensive travels and love of traditional African art forms have had a lasting influence on my work.
I regularly teach jewellery-making which I find inspiring because it gives me the opportunity to explore my medium whilst helping pupils create pieces they love and enjoy wearing.

Mandy Jayne Alfhors

Mandy has exhibited her art since 2007 & includes East Midlands Airport for the DepARTures exhibition in 2012.
Her Dreamy Landscapes & Seascapes are impressionistic unusual blends of expressive colour. Taking inspiration from the Impressionists, Pop Artists: Hockney, Warhol and colourist Matisse.
Mandy’s art covers a wide range of subject from landscape, seascape to portrait inspired by life, changing elements of light through the day, seasons, colour & nature. Her paintings are often described as beautifully ethereal  and that of a colourist painter. 

An associate member of  the Gallery2Gallery group Mandy tweets for @gallery2gallery a collaboration between Studio 61 Gallery  & Cromford Art Gallery & Studio  she actively promotes the trail between two the galleries a trail of history, culture and natural historical World Heritage.
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Valerie Dalling

Visual Artist/Photographer
In 2003 Derbyshire artist Valerie Dalling embarked on three years of study at the University of Derby in order to pursue her passion for fine art photography. Since starting out on her creative path, Valerie has been inspired by many, but the landscape will always remain her biggest influence and where she feels most at home…a selection of limited edition photographic prints and greetings cards will be available for purchase during Derbyshire Open Arts.
Valerie is particularly interested in project-based work from arts in health and coastal erosion to her latest drive time journeys by car around the Peak District. 

She enjoys working with the community, and in 2008 founded The Image Club, launching her first monthly photo forum. From beginners to those with photographic experience, she has a particular interest in how others visually respond to the world around them, and encourages discussions on image making, through the sharing of ideas and knowledge, in relaxed and informal environments.
Valerie is also known for her walks with the camera, and would welcome the opportunity to take a walk in the landscape with you, your friends or a group you may be associated with…just give her a call.
07969 324489
twitter - @valeriedalling

Derbyshire Open Arts Weekend takes place 24th - 26th May 10 - 5 pm everyone is welcome to join us and refreshments will be available.