Thursday, 24 September 2015

10th Birthday Blog

Where have all the years gone?  As I enter my 11th year in business I've been reflecting on the many happy years and all the lovely friends I have made along the way.  It's been an amazing journey, from the early days when it was on a very part time basis as I wanted to be able to take and collect Katie and Harry from school, to now a full 6 days a week gallery with those little kids now covering for me Sundays and when I escape to Cornwall to paint or recharge my batteries.
Now my studio room!

I couldn't have done all this without the help and support of my kids and hubby Nige who has always believed in me and let me "live the dream" and is the mastermind and expert in our Fine Art Printing business.   My lovely mum and dad also need a thank you for spending hours in those early days painting  gallery walls after it was flooded, painting furniture for my new gallery, folding cards and always being there.  It was a privilege to honour my mum, Moo, in my first children's book inspired by her stories and my Dad Dennis features in my next book!!!  

Sue & I demolishing the kiln

Big thanks also to close friends Sue and Clint for allowing me this space 5 years ago  
Previously the Alan Ward Pottery Studio it felt like home as soon as I went inside but needed so much work

(check out the pics in the gallery of how it looked like before renovation)

A big thank you also has to go to my lovely customers, many of whom have regularly supported me over the years.

The Artist Friends of Studio 61 need a huge mention too and they have kindly sent a few words for this blog

Martin Sloman Artist
Cromford Studio and Gallery Owner
I have known Karina a very long time since the days before her gallery when I attended her art and craft fairs in the early 2000s.
It has been a pleasure to work with her over the years on various projects including  craft fairs, Derbyshire Open Arts and then the pop up galleries in Allestree which led to our BBC Radio Derby interview. The Pop Up Galleries . The led to us forming the g2g group after I opened my own gallery in Cromford,and now we work closely together promoting each other and the trail in between. 

Congratulations Karina on 10 years,  here's to many more!

Janice Allen Artist and Jewellery Maker
From The Coach House at Lea to Holloway no matter where Studio61 is based its the lady behind the gallery that's the inspiration and who inspires others.

I’d popped to one of Karina’s Craft fairs in 2006 and this is where it started for me. I dabbled in painting for family and friends and  I’d mentioned I painted cards so Karina asked if I wanted a stall. Since that time I have exhibited and sold my work which now hangs in homes around the world.  Painting and now designing and making jewellery is the way I relax and its just about ‘me’.

Mark Langley Artist
My first exhibition was at The Coach House not long after the gallery had opened with just a few pictures to sell. It was great being able to find a starting point for exhibiting in a gallery not far from Belper  

I have exhibited twice at the second location where today it still has an idyllic spot made more special by Karina's own style of vibrant presentation. 

I would think a lot of artists today in the county and beyond also started with an exhibition display and selling from the wall at Studio 61 also. 

Happy 10th birthday!

Art By Mandy

In the beginning my professional journey as an artist in 2007 you were the first gallery to show my work at your other location at Lea   

My Journey lots of ups luckily not many downs, downside only being the recession. Both my landscapes and portraits have been exhibited at your Gallery including the Pop Up show's,  Allestree, DH Lawrence Museum, Eastwood and Derbyshire Open Arts.. Being a part of Studio 61 Gallery means we show support for one another and over the years created a great group of friends whether via gallery, social media including @gallery2gallery.
Thank you and; Congratulations!

Valerie Dalling Visual Artist/Photographer
I first Karina back in 2008 when I called into her studio having only recently graduated, and I’ll never forget her kind words of encouragement. We weren’t to meet again until February 2013, when we began working together offering photography and painting days at the gallery.
Since then I’ve been invited to exhibit alongside her and other talented artists in Allestree, the DH Lawrence Museum Eastwood, Derbyshire Open Arts and only last month as guest artist at the gallery.

In the two years since I’ve got to know Karina, she’s become my stockist, printer, employer, mentor and most importantly my friend. She has such a great sense of humour, and is a wonderful’s been a real pleasure Karina, congratulations on your achievements over the last 10 years and thank you.

Silvana Jewellery
Having first spoken with Karina way back in December 2009, it’s amazing to think how far we’ve both come in that time.  She was one of the first gallery owners to give me the opportunity to show off my work when I was still a part-time designer in all my variations and struggling to get noticed – from sterling silver and copper to pewter and enamel;  from classic to now mainly animals or downright quirky!

Six years later, having supported me with gallery space and 
advice, Karina offered me the chance to create the Hippity Hop pendant – may the collaboration continue!


Ruth Gray Artist
The gallery and Karina have been instrumental in getting my work seen in Derbyshire after returning from Australia where for six years I had previously been exhibiting and working as an artist.

Karina gave me my UK break and for the last four/five years I have been exhibiting work at Studio 61 Gallery and also assisting on various projects and helping write the blog.

I love the friendships I have made and the gallery is more than an exhibiting space its like a home from home. The selection of work is tied in with the personality of the artist as much as the pieces themselves so you can be sure that who made the piece is 100% as beautiful as the work itself.

Antonia Disney
Previously Antonia Booker jewellery
Now Owner of the Focus Gallery in Nottingham
When I left university and set up myself I knew I needed to find galleries who would want to stock my jewellery. I searched for local ones and came across this beautiful gallery up in the rolling hills of Derbyshire called Studio 61. 

Karina was lovely and as an artist you worry about what people will think of your work

 but she was very complimentary and eager to help. 

I had a showcase in cabinet and once that had finished Karina kept some on. Although I don’t stock with her now I will never forget the kindness and positivity she bestowed on me which helped me feel confident to approach other galleries which has helped me return the favour to countless artists at my own gallery

Jen Oldknow Artist
As an artist whose work is totally inspired by the rural landscape and the creatures which live within it, it is a pleasure to be associated with the Studio 61 Gallery, which has always shown an eclectic selection of work which celebrates the beauty of the natural world

This family run gallery is in an idyllic location just up the road from me, in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside, so I have been fortunate to be able to visit regularly over the years. Karina has been a great support and encouragement to me since my early days as an exhibiting artist, and has been there to celebrate the successes I have been lucky to have had since. It has also been lovely to see the gallery flourish and expand into areas such as fine-art printing, as well as sharing Karina’s own personal creative journey, as a talented artist in her own right. I look forward to continuing to show my work at the gallery in the future, including my second solo exhibition at the gallery, themed ‘Creature and Countryside’, this November.

Jackie Ward - TreeHuggery
I was introduced to Karina about 3 years ago, when I was interested in having some giclee printing done. After a couple of conversations by email, I drove up the very steep hill to meet her at Studio 61, and so begun a firm friendship. 

 Not only did Studio 61 blow me away, so did the quality of the printing; and all the help, advice and support that I received. 

Three years into our friendship and I’m really proud that I’ve been asked to work on several collaborations with Karina, not only is it immensely flattering to work with someone who is so talented, it’s just so much fun working with someone who is one of the most inspiring and innovative people that I know. 

Mel Anderson Designs
Buzz Gallery Owner
I was really chuffed to be asked by Karina, to exhibit here with my textile felt work at Studio 61 Gallery a few years ago with Helen Rhodes, my first at a proper gallery! We were also invited to take part at this beautiful gallery for the Derbyshire Open Arts and couldn't have asked for a kinder hostess, warmer welcome and fabulous location. 

Always there with good advice, a smile and hug, thanks so much for everything Karina. Have an amazing 10th Birthday, here's to many more!

Helen Domleo Jewellery
I approached Karina at Studio 61 in 2013 and was excited when my work was taken on consignment in August 2013.

It has been an exciting relationship during which I have had the opportunity to explore different styles of jewellery and lead to the creation of my small leaf range which has proved popular in the gallery. At present I am working on a range is small ivy and willow leaves as well as some different types of flowers which will be in the gallery soon.

I would like to thank Karina and her team for their support and I hope that the next 10 years sees the gallery grow from strength to strength. I feel proud to be part of the gallery.

Nansy Ferret Art
I first exhibited with Karina at one of her pop up galleries a few years ago. My youngest had just started school & I was nervously venturing out to become a self employed artist. Karina was welcoming and encouraging.

We share a love of vans and caravans which sometimes feature in my work, and she bought one of my paintings at that first exhibition. Since then I have exhibited work at Studio 61 as part of a Christmas exhibition and also as a joint exhibition with Jen Aitken. I have been there a few times with a sketchbook just to draw; chat with other artists and although they were all much more established than me, I never felt uncomfortable amongst them. It felt like I had found the heart of local creativity. The gallery is a beautiful, cosy space in an idyllic area and is definitely worth a visit. Karina is always warm, welcoming and enthusiastic and there is a fabulous variety of art there, from prints  paintings to jewellery, glass, ceramics. Gifts for all occassions and to a high standard. A lovely place to visit, grab a coffee, browse the artwork and have a chat.

Kate Beinder Artist
I was pleased to be accepted as Artist in the Window last November. I also had some watercolour lessons with Karina which were very relaxed, helpful and encouraging and have been to art demonstrations and 'Meet the Artists' at the gallery.  

Studio 61 is a lovely gallery with a warm welcome every time you visit and lots of fabulous, original artworks and crafts. Keep up the good work, Karina.

Sharon Louise Art
Whilst having to find my placement for an art course I came across a wonderful little gallery Studio61 Karina Goodman's Gallery. Since finding such a warm inviting and inspirational place I have now become a part of the furniture and never left

Being new to the art world I am truly thankful for meeting such a supportive artist Karina who always has time for me and taken me under her wing and shows guidance also displayed my work .... plus great laughs and now a great friendship to.

I would like to say Happy Birthday Studio61 it is lovely to be a part of a great achievement and I hope that i can be a part of the next 10 yrs.Congratulations Mrs ! Here's to another 10 years

Pat Odowd Artist
I have only been acquainted with Karina for a matter of weeks.  I approached her with a good deal of trepidation as I had never previously contacted a gallery with the aim of depositing my work for sale.

I found Karina very easy to talk to and very helpful and encouraging.  She agreed to take 3 pieces of my work and I left the gallery feeling ten feet tall.

Hopefully some of my work will sell and I can become much better acquainted with you all!

Congratulations on 10 years of your gallery.

Frances Daunt –Garden Gallery Crafts

Studio 61 is the perfect gallery – intimate, friendly and packed with stunning work. And it’s in the village next to mine

I create felted artwork and Karina has been exhibiting a few of my pieces for about a year now. My work, created by a mixture of wet felting and needle felting, portrays animals and is largely inspired by my life in Derbyshire. I am very excited to be Karina’s guest artist in December and have been busy creating some pieces especially for then.

Jayne Nemeth Artist
 Karina has been displaying and selling my work at Studio 61 for a couple of years now.
LOVE the gallery cosy and eclectic, Karina is friendly and supportive ,great with advice or even being a sounding block.

I use inks and acrylic or watercolour to produce local and coastal scenes and Karina is always happy to stock both originals and prints of these for me.
The associated printing service is great too, quick, efficient and nothing too much trouble.
I've previously been an Artist in the window here and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

Julia Crossland Art
 I was over the moon to be invited to have my very first solo exhibition at the wonderful Studio 61 Gallery.  My exhibition was called Coast to Coast and featured illustrative paintings of the seaside.

 Working with Karina was a pleasure, and from our very first meeting I felt like I had made a good friend, rather than just a work acquaintance. 

Studio 61 is a really lovely art space, and I always forget I'm in the middle of Derbyshire, it's got such a happy coastal feel to it!

Thanks for having me Karina, and Happy 10th Birthday!

Emma Farrow Art

 I first  met Karina as a very naive artist, starting out selling artwork with Ruth Gray's help who introduced us. I was introduced to the world of prints and the quality that Karina produced, helping with pricing and general art world know how. I am also an angel and tarot card reader and Karina was kind enough to host 2 of my events also showcasing my artwork.

I have had prints and original paintings in Karina's gallery.

Always a warm welcome, inspirational art, and lots to look at with a hot chocolate and would class Karina as a dear friend. Thank You.

Max Hale Art
Karina and I met via her and my professional Facebook pages, subsequently I was invited to exhibit work as the monthly artist in the window. During this period I was tutoring courses on how to use water-mixable oil paints and Karina asked me to to a demonstration in her gallery.

It was from there that my relationship with her and her friendly group of artists blossomed and since then I have been back again to do a full day demonstration and Karina has joined me on one of my painting holidays in Cornwall.

Also a lovely friendship has formed with my partner and I sharing a curry or several with Karina and Nige on many occasions 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE KIND WORDS.. it has been an incredible journey and I have made so many lovely friends along the way.

Karina xx