Sunday, 27 August 2017

Summer News

Hope you are having a lovely Summer enjoying time with the kids, family or your loved ones wherever you have been or are going.

July and August have been a busy few months with work and I am enjoying the freedom that my new home studio brings so we have been getting away most weekends.. I'll tell you more below!

Studio 61 Printing business has been keeping us busy and I've enjoyed being out and about on the road meeting new customers and delivering their prints and any originals that we have scanned. (We post work out too)

Purple and Grey is in holiday mode but our Art Group did meet at Tansley Village Hall last week where I ran a workshop.  We have a lovely friendly bunch of artists of all abilities and have many laughs.  Our next Art Group is on Wednesday 27 Sept 10.30-12.30 and it's £4.95 with lots of free tea and coffee.  New members welcome

Purple and Grey have lots of Autumn/Winter events planned including networking at Beechenhill Farm, The Big Draw at Creswell Crags as well as private consultations.  All info is on our website where you can sign up to newsletter. (for those that don't know I am Purple!)

New Mills Art Trail is part of New Mills Festival 2017 and I will have three pieces on display.
Art Trail Info

The Tractor Shed at Riber

One thing I am loving is the ability to get out and about so when a regular customer wanted to purchase more artwork for her holiday cottages I was able to take a selection along and have a sneaky peek before it opened for business.  I am pleased to say that three originals are now hanging in The Tractor Shed at Riber which is a fab romantic hideaway, a well behaved dog is welcome and is now open for bookings!

Commissions - I love working to commission and am now taking bookings to get stuck into when I return from holiday..I'll tell you about that in a minute.  Prices start from £80-£800 whether it be a painting of your home, a favourite view or special place in oils or watercolours.  (Gift Vouchers available)  Happy to chat more and work to your requirements.  Just email me please

Where you can view my work - now updated on my website 

New family member - please welcome Freddy the VW Camper.  We have been sneaking off in him whenever we can so if you've not seen him over on my INSTAGRAM  then here he is.

 As you can see Bruno loves him and joins us on every trip

 We are still keeping Stan the Van as he is my daily drive and also part of the family.

Holidays - we are heading off to Cornwall soon and I will be back in the studio Monday 18th September.  I hope it as hot as when we were there in June but just to be on the beach and by the sea whatever the weather suits me fine.  I intend to do lots of reading but am also taking my paints and drawing box and hope to do a few paintings sat on the beach looking across St Ive's Bay

I will be checking emails as I'm nosey!

I'll try and post onto my Facebook page  but mainly I prefer Instagram now as no politics, moaning or horrible cruelty to animals photos!

My Instagram is karinagoodmanstudio61

Anyway, hope you enjoy the rest of Summer and look forward to catching up with you soon where I can hopefully tell you more about an exciting Christmas Commission with a local company!

See you soon

Take care love Karina and Bruno xxxxx