Friday, 9 June 2017

a "new surroundings" inspired painting

I'm enjoying being surrounded by trees in my new studio and I knew this would have an influence on my work.  With family commitments, two Derbyshire Open Arts Events and Purple and Grey work I've not painted as much as I would have liked lately.

For the first time I have got involved in the Buxton Spa Prize seeing it not as a competition but as a way to get me painting something different.  I haven't got a competitive bone in my body so I was quite happy to get my canvas stamped, choose a number and being given a location to paint.  Today I delivered the framed oil on canvas.  I will keep you posted when the preview is.

On my return the sun was out and family were out working so I had a lovely few hours pottering down in my studio under a canopy of trees with shafts of sunlight dancing on the decking.  I'd got a canvas I'd been building up with layers and textures and I felt inspired.

Using just a palette knife and my fingers, with trees and sunlight in mind,  I've been working on this impasto oil on the 40 cm box canvas today and ended up wearing most of it.

Not sure if it's finished as yet and will take months to dry!

Keep you posted

Love Karina x 

Saturday, 3 June 2017

An event for art lovers

Fresh and Unframed is a new concept for viewing and buying artwork 

all work is fresh created in the last two years all work is original and because its unframed all work is under £100. 

Saturday June 3rd and Sunday 4th

Open 11 - 4 pm 

Free Entry, refreshments available

Tansley village Hall, DE4 5FH .

I will have many originals in this exhibition under £100 along with Ruth Gray and other artists 

Please feel free to pop in 

Thursday, 13 April 2017

new paintings, plans and photos

Seems a while since I've blogged but had a busy month including a lovely and inspiring family holiday to Robin Hood's Bay but managed to paint several new ones

Also finally sorted new studio out.  I'd collected all sorts of stuff over the 11 years of having retail premises but can finally see the floor and am now getting so much more done.  I do miss catching up with customers but my old premises at Holloway will be opening as a Cafe this Summer so be good to meet up there for coffee and catch up

I enjoyed the recent sunny spell and managed to paint outside which was fab.

Bruno loves the new studio and lives the life of riley!

Thought I'd share some new paintings which are not even on the website yet (another job on my "to do" list) and will be also be available as a giclee limited edition fine art print

Low Tide at Robin Hood's Bay - POA
Oil on box canvas in 50 cm x 40 cm 
in professionally handmade white wood tray frame

Moonlight over Whitby Bay - POA
Oil on box canvas in 50 cm x 40 cm 
in professionally handmade white wood tray frame

Moonlight Mist over Crich Stand - POA
Oil with texture on watercolour paper 
in professionally handmade black wood frame 73 x 37 cm

I've also been working on House Portraits and love doing these

 I work to the customers size and budget
in oil or watercolour, on canvas or paper so if I can help please ask

Over the years I have painted a variety of property types in watercolours and oils from cute tiny terraces, barn conversions to the grand old residence in it's own grounds.

this was for a special lady's 70th birthday from her family

I've also now got a new website purely for my illustration work

I'm still working to commission (can't show you latest as surprises)

Also busy time of year for Purple and Grey (I'm Purple)
and meeting lots of new artists at our Derbyshire Art Group
- we meet regularly at Tansley Village Hall, at other galleries and venues 
and have two"on the road in Stan" en plein air trips 
and many demos and workshops coming up too

I'm also getting ready for this event as part of Derbyshire Open Arts 
as I have been invited to join MEDLEY group of artists and makers

think I've bombarded you with enough blurb so I'll sign off
and wish you a Happy Easter and Bank Holiday weekend

Love Karina x
and Bruno 🐶

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A day trip to Whitby!

I couldn't be further from the sea in landlocked Derbyshire so whenever I can escape to the coast I do.  

My latest painting was inspired by a day trip to the North Yorkshire Coast.  A long way to go for the day I know but we go often go to Cayton Bay where we park up in Stan on the headland and hubby sometimes surfs it it's working.  This time it was as flat as a pancake so a ride up the coast to Whitby and a bag of chips it was, followed by a long drive home in the moonlight

Moonlight Series: Whitby

"Moonlight over the Bay" 

a semi-abstract oil on 50 cm x 40 cm canvas and framed in a white wood frame

I am heading back up to the North Yorkshire coast very soon so watch this space

Karina x

Thursday, 2 March 2017

four weddings and a punch up

I'm starting March with a less hectic diary.  February was manic but a great time for family get togethers; my daughter's 21st celebrations, an 80th do in Nottingham, a big family 80th bash in Bath, my mum's more sedate birthday meal, my hubbies even quieter birthday and a mad dash to Heathrow to collect my son who's returned home after a year travelling in New Zealand.  

Standing waiting for my little boy (6' 5") to come through arrivals and reflecting on recent family events made me think of two of my favourite films "Love Actually" and "Four Weddings and a Funeral".  Richard Curtis, the writer, must have gained inspiration from such hectic family life whether his or observational.  Either way both films were amazing and thankfully none of February's shenanigans resulted in a punch up!

March is promising to be a very busy month with lots planned and already I've had time in the studio, finished a commission which has now been collected and I've started two new ones.

March also sees my first exhibition for this year

MOONLIGHT, MIST AND MOORS - Featured Artist at Cromford Studio and Gallery -

11 pieces of my work will be on display throughout March with four brand new framed oils 

Meet the Artist - I will be at the gallery painting on Sunday 12 March 2-4 .it's a fab gallery full to the rafters with an array of art, jewellery and ceramics

Be lovely if anyone wanted to pop along on the 12th or visit the gallery beforehand to look at my work.  The owner of Cromford Gallery always offers a warm welcome

Anyway as it's approaching wine o'clock I'll sign off now and catch you soon.  Thank you for reading

Take care

Karina x

ps Bruno's nowhere to be seen.. think he's gone and got bedded down for the night.  Not daft cos it's gone so cold here

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Clampets had landed...

I've just received photographs of the most beautiful house and I now have the pleasure of drawing this up and then adding a splash of colour to bring it to life.  I love doing House Portraits and over the years have painted a variety of property types in watercolours and oils from cute tiny terraces, barn conversions to the grand old residence in it's own grounds.

If I can, in addition to working from customer photos, I like to visit or at least drive by to have a nosey and also get a feel for the property and see how it sits in it's surroundings.  Some I have had the pleasure of visiting and on many occasions have turned up in my old white campervan with my dog and the neighbours must have thought The Clampets had arrived or I was sussing out the joint. I was in a way but not for nicking anything other than ideas and the atmosphere

On two occasions I had to wait for the electric gates to be opened to let old Stan the Van in but having said that more often than not I have been commissioned to paint what I call normal properties such as the suburban semi, the row of terraced or a middle terrace "but let's pretend we have no neighbours" and we did.. their house was the main star with the others fading out.

So I'm really looking forward to starting my current commission.  I am working to the customers budget and colour palette but obviously in my style.  It won't be photographic, that's not me at all, but hopefully will capture the essence of their lovely home with it's sweeping drive and beautiful gardens.

That reminds me,  I once did one where they wanted it wonky and the lovely garden the main feature.  I was also asked to paint their two cats, which I did... one was in a tree and the ginger one was just about to dive into the bushes!

More info is on my  commissions page which also mentions other types of commission works undertaken

so please shout up if I can help..

Take care  Karina xx

Thursday, 2 February 2017

welcome February

So pleased that we are into February and on today's muddy walk it was great to see snowdrops and new growth as Spring draws nearer. 😀

A nice start to February for me was seeing one of my paintings on the front cover of Country Images Magazine after being asked to send a selection to choose from.  They chose "On Blueberry Hill" which is a watercolour available framed or as a giclee print.

I've also noticed that the evenings are getting a bit lighter which is just great.  I don't mind the cold but it's the wet damp weather and anyone with a dog will know that walks mean muddy paw prints ....everywhere!  🐾

I have however been warm and cosy in my new studio and got quite a few paintings "on the go" for my new series called "Ramble On" inspired by walks with Bruno.  (I'm hoping these will be dry for my exhibition in March at Cromford Studio and Gallery)

Wednesday February 8th 10.30 to 12.30 sees the start of my new Derbyshire Art Group which I am running with artist friend Ruth Gray (we are  


Our Art Group is open to all creatives who want to meet likeminded people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere so pop in and join us

Ok I'm off to get the kettle on and answer a few emails..keep dry and warm

Love Karina xx
and Bruno x 🐶

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Thank you Elaine Paige

Sundays are my walking days and together with Mr G and Bruno we either walk from our home or venture further into The Peak District discovering new places or revisiting our favourite walks.  We usually end up somewhere high up on the moors or along the edges and always think it would be rude not to call for a pint!

However today the rain hasn't stopped so we've had a day pottering and I've spent a lovely day in my studio with the heater on and my mug of coffee topped up.  Bruno chose to stay with me (not daft as it's warm and cosy) and I've managed to crack on with the three canvases I'm still underpainting for the tryptic commission and prepping lots of new canvases listening to Michael Ball on the radio.  As soon as Elaine Paige came on so did my own music! 

It was whilst listening to one of my favourite songs by Led Zeppelin that the name for my new series of paintings for 2017 was finalised. I'd been struggling with a title for ages. 😀  I knew what the content would be as I am doing a series of oils and watercolours inspired by my Sunday walks.  

So with more of a focus I had another few hours working on the first one of the series and had an idea for the second

Ramble On Series #1 - Beeley Moor
Ramble On Series #2 - Padley Gorge

So a big thanks to Elaine and apologies to her fans.

Keep you posted

love Karina  x

...and Bruno 🐶 x
(who had to be woken for a quick run in the woods between showers #itsadogslife)

Thursday, 5 January 2017

It's not the size that matters!

Sorting stuff in the studio this morning for a birthday present reminded me that when I was in the gallery I often saw customers struggling to find what they were looking for, that special little gift that didn't break the bank yet would be personal to the recipient or their family.  Not everyone can afford to splash out can they.  Besides "it's the thought that counts".

I often happily stopped what I was working on to do an impromptu little personalised painting and after working on bigger canvases I always enjoyed the break and the challenge.

One special memory was a regular customer with her wedding on the horizon looking for "thank you" gifts for her bridesmaids and best man.  We looked at jewellery and the usual things but with the ages ranging so much she wanted something that would unite all the gifts yet be personal to each and every one. We chatted more and she mentioned that the song "A perfect day" would play a role and then she spoke about each and every bridesmaid and the best man and what they all liked. 

The seed was sown and after a few emails and phone calls I presented her with a collection of framed mini personalised watercolours and we even included one for the groom.  With space on the back for their personal message the feedback was that these went down a treat. Here are a few of them

 for the young bookworm
 for the cat lover
 for the champagne and cat lover
for the shoeaholic
for the young newt keeper
for the afghanhound lover

for the groom

2015 and 2016 saw me mainly painting in oils, landscapes of the Peak District on canvases but I started out as a watercolour artist and still love the unpredictability and delicateness of watercolours.  

Since moving to my new private studio I've been asked if I am still doing the little family trees, and the "I love you more than..." minis which again were an unusual yet affordable gift.

The answer is YES!

I've not put these on my website as I want to keep that for my paintings and prints but you can get in touch by email or pop over to my Etsy Shop where you can see more info and order online 

I tend to do my House Portraits mainly in watercolour but always up for a challenge

I love doing these and work to the customers budget and colour palette
I'm hoping to do more in 2017 ...

I will still be working to commission no matter how big or small and am always happy to advise and get the old cogs working to come up with something a bit different. I'm looking forward to starting my book illustration work too.

My next painting commission is a 6 foot tryptic to be shipped overseas.  The customer did want a 6 foot canvas but because of high shipping costs and possible damage I suggested three canvases to form one painting.  Really looking forward to the challenge of this

So if you've got any special birthdays, weddings, anniversary's or events coming up and want something unique yet won't break the bank then please shout up
.........size doesn't matter!!

Off now to get another coffee and move around a bit cos I've got frozen sat here on my laptop..

keep warm... love Karina xx

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Plans, Paints and Post-its

Happy New Year.  It's my first day back in the studio after a very relaxing family Christmas and I'm finally using my new 2017 diary which I've been filling for some time with events, exhibitions and stuff. I've always had a thing for new stationery, so armed with a ton of new post-its from Santa and a grown up year planner, I'm looking forward to this year feeling a lot more organised!  Let's review that in March eh 😀

A nice start to 2017 was a mention in Art Share Love Wales magazine having been approached last year

January will also see me starting a new body of work for my first exhibition of the year in March at Cromford Studio and Gallery.  Some new pieces will be framed oils on paper in a new colour palette.  Rather excited about this and can't wait to get cracking. 

February 8th sees the start of a new art group I am co-running with artist friend, Ruth Gray who I work closely with as we form Purple and Grey, an art consultancy helping other artists network, learn and create. (Check our website as first networking event is in Matlock on 25 January) 

Our Derbyshire Regional SAA Art Group is open to all abilities, friendly and informal with a full year planned so if you fancy joining us then please get in touch.  We meet twice a month at Tansley Village Hall, on the road and at galleries/venues

I also intend working on my second children's book, both writing and illustrating and I've got a book illustration commission in the pipeline, so now my studio is tucked away I'm hoping I can get more done than last year. No excuse now.

I love working to commission and am still taking commissions for paintings, favourite views and house portraits.  I work in oils and watercolours so again shout up if I can help. I can do gift vouchers for wedding gifts, special birthdays etc.  More info is on my commissions page on my website

I'm looking forward to more time to visit stockists of my work up and down the country and keep them supplied with new work, which I sadly neglected because of lack of time.  Plus I always love a road trip with Bruno in Stan so it will be nice to mix business with pleasure

I'm hoping to keep my blog more updated so if I don't give me a nudge please eh!

Anyway I'm off to get another coffee and tackle those emails before I take my little pal for his walk in the woods

Keep warm and catch up soon

Love Karina 

and Bruno xx