Sunday, 13 May 2018

More than words

I woke early this morning, still feeling unsettled knowing things had to change.

Yesterday was spent with a group of writers.  We worked outdoors in the meadows and on the banks of Carsington Water using nature as our inspiration and words as our tools.

I can't remember the last time I really listened to what surrounded me.  Yes I can hear the birds, the babbling brook that passes the studio and the rustle of the trees but that is just hearing.  Listening takes it to another level.  Listening and transferring to words takes it higher still.

It made me realise that I have been neglectful.  When my artist friends talk about being a child always drawing and painting I envied them as painting came to me later in life.  I realise now that as a child I always had a pen in my hand, my left hand, always writing, making up stories, writing poems or with my head in a book, often told off at the table for bringing my book to it. I used to tap out my stories on my old typewriter which now sits in my studio.  So realising this now I feel less inadequate but sad that it's took up to now.

The results of keeping a diary as a child has resulted in a loft full of them, none making a fascinating read but nevertheless if tells the story of my childhood.  There's also books of poems and stories up there too.  Must dig them out.  I continued to keep a diary until about 10 years ago and again these are filled with mundane ramblings about school trips, dentist appointments, brownies and scout camps, children's parties and holiday memoirs.

In January I opened my new 2018 diary* eagerly filling it in but not expecting that feeling to last, but it has.  I have continued to write in it, not always daily, but regularly enough to go back and reflect on my week, my life.

Yesterday's workshop made me realise that I need to allocate more time to my writing.  I have two children's stories on the go as well as illustrating, but they seem to get pushed to the back burner whilst painting for exhibitions and events takes precedent not to mention the other stuff going off ie children's workshops, purple and grey, art group, printing business

So I have decided that when I open my 2019 diary and block out "studio days" this will mean some days will spent just writing and it's not all about the painting.

I have a lovely area already to sit up the window overlooking the woods so there is no excuse, unless I can't get a seat!

I will still be painting because I have to but I'm hoping more words and stories will feature in my work and in my life.

Keep you posted.....

Love Karina xx

and Bruno 🐶

*Journaling it appears is the new "keeping a diary" so I'm more "with it" than I thought.

Whether you use words or art,  journaling is way to help reduce stress because you are focusing on the here and now.

Tomorrow, as Purple of Purple and Grey, we are delivering an Art Journaling session for The National Head Office of the Youth Hostel Association to support Mental Health Awareness week.