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Part Two Meet The Friends

Welcome to part two of meet the Friends of Studio 61! If you were wondering who we are read below and spend some time looking at the websites and Facebook links and getting to know this talented group of artists.

Mandy Jayne Alfhors

Artist Statement: Mandy’s art has covered a wide range of subject over the years inspired by life, light and the changing elements displayed passionately in her paintings.
  Her Dreamy Landscapes and Seascapes are Impressionistic with an unusual blend of expressive colour variation taking inspiration from Monet, Turner and Van Gogh and Matisse.  The artist is fascinated with the changing elements of light through the day the seasons, colour and nature.  Her Portraits become emotionally charged as the artist connects with the distinguishing characteristics of their personality using her energetic brush stroke to canvas the portrait begins to speak out to the viewer with human psyche. Inspired by the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt and the realism of the Renaissance.
Services: Original Fine Art .Commissions,Fine Art Giclee Prints, Handmade Gifts, Greeting Cards, Art on tee's
Social Media Links:

Jenny Oldknow

Business title: Jenny Oldknow - Artist & Painting Tutor
Services: Original paintings, custom painting commissions, greeting cards, workshops, painting classes and tuition.
Artist statement: Jenny Oldknow is an artist and painting tutor living and working in Belper, Derbyshire. Her work is inspired by her love of animals, wildlife and the natural world, and she paints in both oils and watercolours, in a loose and expressive style.
 Jenny has exhibited and sold her award-winning paintings across the UK, and internationally, and runs popular painting workshops and classes at her studio.
Social Media links:

Karina Goodman

Business Title: Karina Goodman Artist/Gallery Owner
Services: Colourful & Quirky Watercolours, Tuition, House Portraits, Tuition & Fine Art Printing
Artist statement: Karina Goodman is a professional Artist with a working studio & gallery specialising in colourful and quirky watercolours.
 Her inspiration comes from the varied landscapes and landmarks, always with the emphasis on colour.  Her House Portraits capture the personality of everyday homes in her own unique and dreamlike style. 
Social Media Links:

Martin Sloman

 Services: Original Artwork, Tuition, commissions.
 Artist statement: Martin Sloman is a watercolour artist who likes to push the bounderies of this medium. Using bold vibrant colours to capture the mood and atmosphere on many of his sea and beachscapes that make you wish you were there.
His love of the sea and wild open spaces are clearly portrayed in his work. However other subjects Martin has been commissioned to paint include pets, landscapes, motorsport and even vintage motorbikes and classic cars.
Social Media Links:

Ruth Gray

Business Title: Ruth Gray Images Fine Art Landscapes
Services: Original Artwork, Workshops, Tuition, Commissions, Publicity advice for Artists.
Artist statement: Ruth Gray is a landscape painter who has a faultless sense of composition, with an eye for including large areas of glowing colour and an aptitude to convey a convincing overall pervading almost ethereal atmosphere. Her strengths are her ability to capture the essence of a landscape.

 She is able to transport you by her portrayal of the scene within her paintings quite clearly, and you can really feel the emotion within them. Ruth works around similar geography’s conveying her knowledge of those areas within her paintings and describing that with determination and passion.
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Janice Allen

Business Title: Janice Allen - The Art of Texture
Services: Original Artwork, Jewellery Design, Commissions
Artist statement: Janice Allen and the art of texture has evolved over the years and now has a range from 5' canvases, painted glass panels to small glass and silver jewellery pendants and earrings all have a common theme, which is texture.

Her paintings are built up of acrylic paint and ink but the use of pearlescent and metallic powders give a sense of movement to her work. The unpredictable flow of inks which pool or run through the texture on the canvases, the use of metal, glass powders and copper oxide fused in her kiln or her growing collection of silver smith tools used on silver and base metal wire and sheet give all her work its individuality.  
Social Media Links:

Christine Gray

Business Title: Purple Shed Studio
Services: Original artwork, workshops, commissions, prints, cards.
Artist statement: Christine Gray is a mixed media and mosaic artist. She works with many different mediums and is multi skilled. She studied for a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at the University of Derby and went on to study for a PGC in Community & Participatory Arts at Staffordshire University alongside bringing up her young family. Her creativity is driven by many inspirations from the smallest piece of texture to a sublime landscape.
She is passionate about recycling and living ethically wherever possible and this is often expressed in her piqué assiette mosaics which are supported by her magpie tendencies to collect. She has exhibited work nationally and internationally from London to America. Christine is also experienced at running workshops for a wide range of communities for any age or ability and has a good knowledge of how art can be connected to the school curriculum.
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The Friends of Studio 61 Gallery are an informal group of artists that work together for the good of each other and the gallery, the task force has been appointed to work on a voluntary basis for the friends.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Part One Meet the Friends!

Thank you for following the Friends of Studio 61 Blog! But have you ever wondered who we are? Over the next two blogs we will be introducing you to our 'Task Force' Starting with and in no particular order.........

Valerie Dalling

Business Title: Valerie Dalling Visual Artist/Photographer and Founder/Owner of The Image Club

Services: Photography inspired by the landscape, exhibitions, community workshops, walks with the camera, facilitator and mentor.

Artist Statement: For Derbyshire based visual artist and photographer Valerie Dalling the landscape is quite simply her inspiration. As Valerie takes a walk with her camera, she has no preconceived ideas, but is constantly looking beyond the surface, allowing her work to grow organically.
In support of personal projects and exhibitions, which are at the forefront of her practise, Valerie has recently started to introduce a selective range of fine art photographic prints and cards, all inspired by the landscape. She also enjoys working with the community, and in 2008 launched her first successful monthly photography forum through The Image Club. From beginners to those with photographic experience, Valerie has a particular interest in how others visually respond to the world around them, and encourages discussions on image making, through the sharing of ideas and knowledge, in relaxed and informal environments.

Social Media Links:

Helen Rhodes


Business Title: Helen Rhodes HWR Designs

Services:  Mixed Media Artist and Textile Giftware.  Workshops and Commissions
Artist Statement:  Helen Rhodes work is constantly evolving to embrace the original and unique.  A mixture of textiles and transfer techniques Helen’s use of real flowers and felting methods combine with emulsion transfer to create two distinctive styles that may converge or evolve individually.  At first site Helen’s work has traditional Fine Art qualities but closer inspection will reveal hidden depths that she hopes delight and surprise the viewer.Helen’s inspiration generally comes from nature and unusual or remarkable photographs and she endeavours to incorporate a fabrics history in the art and products she produces.
Social Media Links:

Mel Anderson

Business Title: Mel Anderson Design

Services: Original Artwork, Cards, Homeware and Jewellery
Artist Statement:  Mel Anderson is a textile artist creating a vibrant and visually exciting collection of hand felted, contemporary wall art, jewellery, homeware and hand made and printed cards, notebooks and bookmarks. All made to order at MAD HQ on the Derbyshire/Leicestershire border. Using bold colours, iconic inspiration and moody monotones, each piece is hand felted using Merino wool, natural and un-natural fibres, vintage jewellery elements and other treasures. Commissions welcome.

Social Media Links:

Michelle Pearson

Business Title: Art by Michelle Pearson

Services: Original Artwork, Prints, Greeting cards, Commissions, Murals

Artist statement: "With each brushstroke a kaleidoscope of colour exudes from the canvas as Michelle creates exquisite fine art. Harnessing the full luminous qualities of her chosen medium, oils, she sets about transposing the viewer into a world of vibrancy and rich colour, where the subtle fragrances of bluebells and roses, or the invigorating smell of the sea are almost tangible as she leads you through a world captured by her love and passion of flora and fauna and the sea, especially her beloved Devon and Cornwall.
But this is also a portfolio of diversity where abstract art and commissioned works of portraits and pet portraiture sit alongside motorbikes and golfers.

Hers is a world without limits, where the subjects may change but the quality always remains"

Social Media Links:

Nita Dalley

Business Title: Anita Dalley Artwork

Services: Original Artwork, Prints, Greeting cards.

Artist Statement: I have always doodled, painted, and experimented with all kinds of mediums for as long as I can remember. I am completely self-taught, learning mainly through my mistakes (!) and through experimentation. After studying Art at A level, I decided to pursue my other life-long passion in literature through studying English at Loughborough University and happily gaining a BA Hons (2:1) in 1993...but my paint brushes gathered no dust and I continued to paint and explore.
After qualifying as a Teacher in 1998, I started to bring my love of painting into the classroom through my work with children with complex and profound disabilities. Now my studio is at home with a fantastic view of Froggat Edge in the Peak District, so it’s hard to not be inspired by that!  I love the changes I see on Froggat Edge from season to season and I continue to enjoy sharing my creativity with young people. As long as I can make people smile when they see my work, I’ll keep on painting!

Social Media Links:
The Friends of Studio 61 are an informal group of artists and designers who work together for the good of each other and the gallery, the Task Force have been appointed to work on a voluntary basis on behalf of the Friends.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Brand New Art in Store

June has been hectic with new stock arriving almost daily, for Studio 61 Gallery and it all looks refreshed and fantastic!
Below are some of our new works fresh from our British artist and designers studios just for you.

Helen Rhodes and Mel Andersons Under African skies exhibition continues with fabulous felted works of art.

Louise Macintosh Batiks have arrived.

Joanne Reay our artist in a window is proving extremely popular with her 70's childhood themed works, there are originals, prints and cards available perfect for fathers day presents.
Below we have artworks by Louise Rawlings Art, The Folded Page, Debbie Lord Glass & Lily Mosaics, Buttonsy Jewellery, Joanne Reay and Julia Crossland Art.

Also new in is work by the very talented Carolin McFarlane.

Don't forget our watercolour tuition and workshops, why not treat someone special to a gift voucher if you cant decide from all of the above!
 The Gallery is now open 12-4pm on Sundays too making a great place to stop by if you are out and about with the family or even looking to escape them! Tea and coffee always available with seating in the snug.

Stop Press the Ninjas are coming! :) Find out more next week!


Monday, 3 June 2013

June Exhibition Part 2 Artist Interview with Mel Anderson

This months exhibition is by two talented artists Mel Anderson and Helen Rhodes you can see their show in the main exhibition room and it is entitled Under African Skies we caught up with Mel Anderson for part two of our artists interview, scroll down for part one with Helen Rhodes.
Who are you and what do you do?
I’m textile artist, Mel Anderson Design otherwise know as MAD, Wife and Mum to 3 teenage boys, not necessarily in that order. I work mostly in wet felt at my home studio on the Derbyshire/Leics border.
Why do you do what you do?
Working with wool is so tactile, I love the effects that can be achieved, I started with simplistic, bright, vibrant and iconic designs, but as I constantly experiment with different textures and materials the artwork has evolved and matured, like me!
What’s your background?
I originally trained as a Make-Up Artist and Hairdresser, however this required me to travel to where the work was, which became difficult when the boys came along. So I started painting things instead of people.
What art do you most identify with?
I love art that makes you look carefully to see how it’s achieved. It’s why I learned to felt. I love to watch people working and building up a beautiful image, whether it’s traditional painting techniques, ultra modern hole punched art or photography. I least identify with unmade bed kinds of art.
What’s your favourite art work?
 I’ve always been drawn Claude Monet's work, I was really lucky to have visited Le Jar din de Monet in spring last year. I have previously created a felted version of The Scream by Edvard Munch, entitled ‘The Muffled Yell’ So may maybe I’ll try some felted Water Lilies next.
Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?
As well as Monet’s amazing garden, his house and collection of Japanese art prints is stunning too. I’m hoping to use images such as the Great Wave of Kanagawa  by Hokusai as inspiration, for an upcoming ‘Sea 3’ themed exhibition in September.
What inspires you? 
Nature, family, friends, other art and artists, innovative design and everyday things around me.
Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?
It can be! If I have deadlines to meet I work till all hours and miss catching up with friends and family. I love to listen to upbeat music while I work, all genres really. On a break I check my emails and have a virtual coffee break with friends on twitter and FB. I’ve made some amazing friends this way! Some of us meet up every so often, there are still some scattered far and wide I’d love to see. I met one of my best friends Helen Rhodes through twitter, we’re now holding our first joint exhibition together ‘Under African Skies’!
What do you dislike about your work?
Like many artists I suspect, the worst thing about it for me is self doubt. Although people think I often come across as being confident and cheerful, I get serious bouts of self doubt. No matter how many people say lovely things about my work, it’s always the few negative remarks that stick. I shouldn’t say it but I also find myself getting a little bored of the rolling out process at the end of the wet felting technique! Although it’s good exercise, I just can’t wait to see the finished product!
What do you like about your work?
I love researching, online and visiting galleries, the Saatchi Gallery is a favorite, and the actual design bit, laying out the fibres, getting the image right, experimenting with new techniques and media. All very satisfying when it goes right. And getting great feedback.
Thankyou Mel!
So a very exciting month for Studio 61 Gallery wonderful 70's inspired work from our artist in a window Joanne Reay who sold work before she could even display it and fabulous African inspired work inside the gallery.
Studio 61 Gallery is open 10-5 Tuesday - Saturday and 12-4pm on Sundays, theres always a warm welcome and tea and coffee is available.

June Exhibition Part 1, Artist Interview Helen Rhodes

 This months main exhibition is by two talented artists Helen Rhodes and Mel Anderson titled Under African Skies. Here in part one we interview Helen Rhodes to find out more about her and her unique artwork.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Helen Rhodes and I’m a textile artist and designer. I make textile giftware and Textile art using unique methods of floral transfer and needle felting ‘painting’
 Why do you do what you do?
 I would always have to be creative I think even if it wasn’t my business.

How do you work?
From home, I have a lovely little converted stable studio which is my domain and non may enter without permission!
What’s your background?
I’ve always loved to craft  and was always given a craft kit of some description for Christmas.

What work do you most enjoying doing? 
Usually my current project! I get bored easily and have to flit between disciplines constantly.

What jobs have you done other than being an artist? 
 I’ve worked in a riding stables, accounts office,  Pottery café and I’ve always helped out at  my family’s nursery, oh and a brief stint at Royal Crown Derby.
Why art?
Art has no physical purpose only emotional, so there is no restriction on functionality, colour, size, or affordability as with my other textile products so it gives me permission to do what I feel
What inspires you?
Nature, mainly, I grew up in a rural community where my parent still run a plant nursery.  Very handy for my floral transfer work.
Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?
Tweet a lot! I find the communities on social media sites can provide much needed support and advice I’ve also made some true friends through this media.

What do you dislike about the art world?
Presumption, snobbery and over inflated prices and commission.

Thankyou Helen!
 Our artist in a window this month is the talented Joanne Reay see the previous blog for her interview.


Saturday, 1 June 2013

June Artist in a Window Interview With Joanne Reay

Junes artist in a window is the colourful work of Joanne Reay we caught up with her to find out more about her work and inspirations.
Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Joanne Reay and I am a 42 year old mum of 2 teenagers. I run a full time business in the day, and then I like to create Mixed Media pieces whenever I can fit it in which I then sell at various events usually at weekends.
 Why do you do what you do?

I’ve only recently started to paint again from a 15 year break because my daughter is very creative and she brought back some artwork from school during her GCSE’s. I suppose at the moment, it is purely for the enjoyment of it, and as more and more people see and like my work, it encourages me to do more.
How do you work?

When I’m working on a project, I like to take lots of photos and collect different ideas and put everything in a sketch book because otherwise I tend to do too much thinking and not enough doing and so many ideas get lost in my head which is very frustrating.

I then like to experiment with different techniques, colours, media and scales and I do a lot of “playing about”. Some ideas work out and other don’t. The ideas that work I go onto develop and maybe do more playing until I’m happy. The ideas that don’t work go into my sketchbook as it all becomes a record of what I have done.

I have been using collage, image transfer and black gloss paint for my latest work which is messy to use, but fun!
What’s your background?

I trained to be a Technical Illustrator at college which is very precise and accurate line ink drawings of exploded illustrations of engines and similar. Think “Haynes Car Manuals” and you will know what kind of work it was. I did this for around 4 or 5 years on and off but it became increasingly digital as computers took over the world! And so the humble drawing board became redundant.

I  have done 1 or 2 commissions since then during the time that I brought up my family but I basically didn’t find the time to much more.

Then, 3 years ago, I decided to do a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Art Practise at Leek School of Art in Staffordshire. I loved it from day one. We attended many different workshops including life drawing, ceramics, glass and many, many more. The course also made you think about how to set up a practise and where you would like it to take you in the future. We organised events and the last hurdle was organising the end of year show from applying to funding to the hanging of the work – we covered everything! Can I do a sneaky plug?
Go on then! :)....

Astound 2013 Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Nicholson Gallery, Leek, Staffordshire. Open 10-4pm Mon – Sat until 15th June. 

 What work do you most enjoying doing?

When I’m just playing about with no real ideas – I’m just pushing paint about and using lots of colour – just experimenting
What themes do you pursue?

My latest work is following my childhood in the 1970’s so I am working off old family photo albums. I always love looking through old photo albums – they capture memories and they tell a story as you continue leafing through the pages. I also like to look at current family and teenage issues as I have some of those back home (teenagers that is) and I think a lot of other people can relate to them.  
What jobs have you done other than being an artist?
I am currently running an online retail business which sells curtain poles, tracks and blinds. When I left college (I was 18), I worked in Manchester as a Technical Illustrator for a couple of years and again (after being made redundant) in Congleton for a different company. Of course, I’ve had all the usual Saturday jobs and bar jobs in between.

Why art?

I’ve always drawn and painted from a young age and it always came so naturally. My friends at school always wanted me to paint their favourite pop stars for them. 

 Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?

I’m far from lonely. I wish I had more time on my own to do more work! To have the house to myself is bliss but it doesn’t happen very often. I like to get in the “zone” and I can only do that when I’m on my own.
What do you dislike about your work?

Pressure! If I have to get work finished in time for an event or for a commission. Also, as with most others I feel, all the paper work and business side to working for yourself.
Professionally, what’s your goal?

If people continue to like and buy my work, I may be able to set up a professional studio and support myself doing something I love.
Thankyou Joanne!
Junes exhibition in the main gallery is Under African Skies by Helen Rhodes and Mel Anderson look out for their interview soon!