Tuesday, 13 December 2016

No excuse now

After weeks of being surrounded by them I've finally emptied all the boxes after the studio move and have discovered even more paint and canvases (no excuse now eh). 

I just love my new space looking into the woods nestled under the trees, and with the pitter patter of rain on the roof I feel this is bound to have an impact on my work.  

I'm still inspired by misty mornings and we've certainly had our fair share this month but already I'm planning a new body of work, new colours and I'm sure trees and woodland will feature or have played an important part.  

I love the seasons and enjoyed painting a collection caputuring the moors so I'm looking forward to being more aware of mother nature and the changes in the trees.  Spring is my favourite so whilst I don't want to wish my life away I am looking forward to seeing new growth and can't wait for the lighter nights

I will be starting a new commission after Christmas and new ones for my first 2017 exhibition ...in March so keep you posted

I'm missing seeing my lovely customers but with the magic of Facebook it's great to catch up where we left off. It would be so tempting to open up my studio but the whole reason for the move was so I could crack on with my work and with a book illustration in the pipeline I really do need more time.

Anyway Bruno is now pestering me for a quick run in the woods (he's loving it but does miss all the fuss and attention he got in the old place). 

Catch you soon

Love Karina
& Bruno the Gallery Dog xxxx