Thursday, 14 October 2010

Inspirational week so far

What a week so far....started off not too good but then just got better....the icing on the cake was the joy of seeing all the Chilean miners rescued safely. It was so uplifting to turn on the news and hear something truly amazing. It puts into perspective life in general.

Had a lovey day yesterday in the studio.. quite demanding though as I was audited as part of my Environmental Quality Mark awarded by the Peak District National Park. Two and a half hours but worth it as I am passionate about the ethical side of my business.

The grand finale yesterday was the sale of one of my favourite paintings....Love is in the Air. This is was inspired by the ladybird balloon which often flies over my is one of the fragrances from my Bath Body & Boudoir Range...Lemon and Honey.

I wonder what today will bring?

ps dont forget the Ladies Chocolate & Wine Evening tomorrow.. Friday 15th October 7-9