Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Artists Interview With Jenny Aitken

The Sea And Other Stories is Studio 61 Galleries April exhibition by artists Nansy ferret and Jenny Aitken following on from Nansys Interview in an earlier blog post we thought we would let Jenny Aitken tell us about herself and her inspirations.

I am…. Jenny Aitken – artist, singer, mother, wife, friend and van & duck owner. I do what I do because…. I don’t know how I would do things differently. I’ve always pursued my dreams and passions with optimism. I always wanted to be an artist. 
My background… three words sum it up; art, the sea, and change. My grandfather and great Uncle were both professional artists, and I was always encouraged artistically, growing up. My family roots are in Alderney, in the Channel Islands; but I have moved a lot and lived and spent much time by the sea all along the Western British coastline. Change has been and still is a constant in my life; I find it utterly necessary for my wellbeing…

The art I most identify with… my favourite painters are those who deal with light and vibrant colour. Edward Hopper is my absolute favourite.
My favourite painting… It’s a tie between ‘Regret’ (above) by Joaquim Vayreda (Barcelona MNAC) which isn’t appreciable unless you’re stood in front of it – its huge and heavy with moody light; and The Lighthouse at Two Lights, by Edward Hopper. (below)

What inspires me… the coastlines. Amazing light. Complementary colours! People, who are positive, open and bring energy, humour and life. Ducks.

Most inspirational place…. Ah hard to choose! Places like Tintagel in Cornwall where ancient stories are so deeply embedded in the landscape; the cliffs in Alderney, Crich Lighthouse in Derbyshire, in my van anywhere along the A87 in North West Scotland!

The best pieces of advice I’ve taken on… Whatever you do, do it with passion; making mistakes is part of learning; don’t allow fear to stop you growing.  I like doing things in the face of irrational fear – I started working as a life model last year, sang in front of large audiences, and taught art at a school for excluded kids. They’ve all helped my confidence hugely which just seems to open up more and more doors in my life…: D

My dream project… to paint the internal walls of a school, community centre, hotel, swimming pool – large scale murals. I’ve done plenty of large murals but I’d love to be commissioned to do it on a massive scale!
My goal… to live as fully in each moment as possible.

Thankyou Jenny! Read More About Jenny Here!