Saturday, 22 June 2013

Part Two Meet The Friends

Welcome to part two of meet the Friends of Studio 61! If you were wondering who we are read below and spend some time looking at the websites and Facebook links and getting to know this talented group of artists.

Mandy Jayne Alfhors

Artist Statement: Mandy’s art has covered a wide range of subject over the years inspired by life, light and the changing elements displayed passionately in her paintings.
  Her Dreamy Landscapes and Seascapes are Impressionistic with an unusual blend of expressive colour variation taking inspiration from Monet, Turner and Van Gogh and Matisse.  The artist is fascinated with the changing elements of light through the day the seasons, colour and nature.  Her Portraits become emotionally charged as the artist connects with the distinguishing characteristics of their personality using her energetic brush stroke to canvas the portrait begins to speak out to the viewer with human psyche. Inspired by the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt and the realism of the Renaissance.
Services: Original Fine Art .Commissions,Fine Art Giclee Prints, Handmade Gifts, Greeting Cards, Art on tee's
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Jenny Oldknow

Business title: Jenny Oldknow - Artist & Painting Tutor
Services: Original paintings, custom painting commissions, greeting cards, workshops, painting classes and tuition.
Artist statement: Jenny Oldknow is an artist and painting tutor living and working in Belper, Derbyshire. Her work is inspired by her love of animals, wildlife and the natural world, and she paints in both oils and watercolours, in a loose and expressive style.
 Jenny has exhibited and sold her award-winning paintings across the UK, and internationally, and runs popular painting workshops and classes at her studio.
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Karina Goodman

Business Title: Karina Goodman Artist/Gallery Owner
Services: Colourful & Quirky Watercolours, Tuition, House Portraits, Tuition & Fine Art Printing
Artist statement: Karina Goodman is a professional Artist with a working studio & gallery specialising in colourful and quirky watercolours.
 Her inspiration comes from the varied landscapes and landmarks, always with the emphasis on colour.  Her House Portraits capture the personality of everyday homes in her own unique and dreamlike style. 
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Martin Sloman

 Services: Original Artwork, Tuition, commissions.
 Artist statement: Martin Sloman is a watercolour artist who likes to push the bounderies of this medium. Using bold vibrant colours to capture the mood and atmosphere on many of his sea and beachscapes that make you wish you were there.
His love of the sea and wild open spaces are clearly portrayed in his work. However other subjects Martin has been commissioned to paint include pets, landscapes, motorsport and even vintage motorbikes and classic cars.
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Ruth Gray

Business Title: Ruth Gray Images Fine Art Landscapes
Services: Original Artwork, Workshops, Tuition, Commissions, Publicity advice for Artists.
Artist statement: Ruth Gray is a landscape painter who has a faultless sense of composition, with an eye for including large areas of glowing colour and an aptitude to convey a convincing overall pervading almost ethereal atmosphere. Her strengths are her ability to capture the essence of a landscape.

 She is able to transport you by her portrayal of the scene within her paintings quite clearly, and you can really feel the emotion within them. Ruth works around similar geography’s conveying her knowledge of those areas within her paintings and describing that with determination and passion.
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Janice Allen

Business Title: Janice Allen - The Art of Texture
Services: Original Artwork, Jewellery Design, Commissions
Artist statement: Janice Allen and the art of texture has evolved over the years and now has a range from 5' canvases, painted glass panels to small glass and silver jewellery pendants and earrings all have a common theme, which is texture.

Her paintings are built up of acrylic paint and ink but the use of pearlescent and metallic powders give a sense of movement to her work. The unpredictable flow of inks which pool or run through the texture on the canvases, the use of metal, glass powders and copper oxide fused in her kiln or her growing collection of silver smith tools used on silver and base metal wire and sheet give all her work its individuality.  
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Christine Gray

Business Title: Purple Shed Studio
Services: Original artwork, workshops, commissions, prints, cards.
Artist statement: Christine Gray is a mixed media and mosaic artist. She works with many different mediums and is multi skilled. She studied for a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at the University of Derby and went on to study for a PGC in Community & Participatory Arts at Staffordshire University alongside bringing up her young family. Her creativity is driven by many inspirations from the smallest piece of texture to a sublime landscape.
She is passionate about recycling and living ethically wherever possible and this is often expressed in her piqué assiette mosaics which are supported by her magpie tendencies to collect. She has exhibited work nationally and internationally from London to America. Christine is also experienced at running workshops for a wide range of communities for any age or ability and has a good knowledge of how art can be connected to the school curriculum.
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The Friends of Studio 61 Gallery are an informal group of artists that work together for the good of each other and the gallery, the task force has been appointed to work on a voluntary basis for the friends.