Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Derbyshire's Spiritual Artist and Angel & Tarot Card Reader Tuesday 15th April

Derbyshire's Spiritual Artist and Angel & Tarot Card Reader is now taking bookings. 
Emma Farrow will being joining us on April 15th she will be taking readings in a private adjacent room to the gallery.Book now to avoid disappointment as there are only limited spaces available.
Complimentary coffee or glass of wine £13.50.

'My name is Emma Farrow, I have worked with Tarot cards for 23 years and Angel oracle cards for the past 2 years, I am a certified angel card reader and artist , I paint on canvas mostly with acrylic but also on occasion use other mediums, the work I do mostly comes from spirit with some of my work being called inspirational, Tarot and Angel card readings are used for guidance whenever needed as an inspirational tool, motivational, knowing you are on the right track, or re affirming your belief that you need to change things in your life , the readings can be life in general and will normally fall into one of 3 categories love, health and career.

 They can be used whenever you would like even when we are happy within our lives some positive affirmations can be helpful keeping us in tune with our desires of life.I use several different decks with a multiple of spreads to suit the client, doing one to one readings, distant readings, and parties, if you would like to know more visit my facebook page:here. ' Emma Farrow