Tuesday, 31 March 2015

April Featured Artist Louise MacIntosh-Watson

Our featured artist for April is the wonderful Louise MacIntosh-Watson who will be displaying some of her unique  Batiks,Louise is a Liverpool born artist now living in Derby. She worked in art education for 17 years before becoming a full time professional artist. Louise's work is easily identifiable by her vibrant use of colour.
Batik is a traditional Indonesian method of creating imagery on fabric by layering hot wax and colourful dyes. Louise uses this technique on paper to speed up the process. Images can be drawn using a paintbrush or a specialist tool called a tjanting.

 The hot liquid wax is scooped up into the spherical chamber and then flows out of the spout to give a fine line. The wax traps the colour underneath it and acts as a barrier to further applications of dye.

 Images are built up slowly and methodically, working from light to dark colours. 
Louise teaches workshops to beginners and is always amazed at how quickly people take to the process. The technique is intriguing and at times unpredictable, making these workshops exciting for Louise as well as the attendees.

Louise will be demonstrating her techniques here at Studio 61 Gallery with a drop in session on Saturday April 18th 2-4 

She will demo with a quick 'have a go' option for people popping in.she will be encouraging people to have a little play with the tjantings - get a feel for them and find out information about her forth coming workshops.
Below are some of the works that will be available at Studio 61 Gallery during April.

To find out more about Louise visit her website here: http://www.missmacdesigns.co.uk/