Sunday, 17 January 2016

Getting the balance right

As you will see from the previous blog 2016 sees me reducing the hours the gallery is open to the public. Some might think that I'm now a lady of leisure but far from it. 

2015 was a good year in so many ways. My first children's book was published, Hippity Hop was so popular that a new collection of products followed, he completely took over my website so much so that I had to have a new one. 

Our other business Studio 61 Printing was getting busier, plus running the gallery and dealing with admin as a result of having around 100 artists and makers on my books meant my time for painting was diminishing

Late October/November was even more hectic than normal as I was setting up a new business with artist friend Ruth Gray. Why take on more work you may ask?. Well we were merely formalising what we were both doing already and purple and grey was launched

I was opening 6 days a week and whilst not always in Sunday's I still had to have my phone on and the gallery was on my mind. Monday's were my "day off" but I found myself catching up with emails and admin then back Tuesday to start all over again. 

I love my job but as I closed my doors for Christmas I knew something had to change. I needed more quality time to paint, meet family and friends, take Bruno for a long walk up in the Peak District, pub lunches with pals, visit other galleries and not to mention clean my house. Note that this is the last item. Never high on my list of priorities!!

So 2016 feels like a fresh new start. The gallery has had a revamp. My studio area is getting sorted and I've started painting again.

I'm looking forward to working on more commissions and using the studio space to suit me and my customers more. 

Sadly i know there will be some customers not on my mailing list, blog, Facebook etc who may have turned up and I'm not open but today walking in the snow with Bruno and my lovely hubby has reaffirmed that I made the right decision. 

Getting the balance right is so important. 

Love Karina and Bruno xx