Friday, 18 March 2016

Looking back and i just cringe!

I was chatting to someone the other day about how I started out and explained that prior to setting up Studio 61 Gallery in 2005 I had years on the craft fair circuit and doing various art shows and events.  It's when I think about those early days that I cringe as I realise now my work wasn't presented to a very good standard at all.... but it was all I knew then

I remember getting my first prints done at a local copy centre and ordered about 50.. of the same image!!

I then ordered my first mounts and, maths not being my strong point, I ended up with a 1" deep mount.  
Wilcos spring to mind

Anyway I mounted them up with sellotape (!!!) and thought they were the dogs danglies.  I realise now they weren't.   

Over time I had more printed and sold them but dread to think how they have weathered over the years.  They will have faded and even gone yellow as they were only photocopies on photocopy paper. Naff is another word that springs to mind.

I also framed some.  I laugh yet cringe as I remember the frames I put them in.  Anything I could get my hands on for not much money so I wasn't "out of pocket"  

Nowadays even my 4" x 4" mini originals are in a handmade frame.  Your work isn't "high street" so don't frame them in "high street" frames.  Good galleries won't accept them and most framers will have off cuts..worth asking.

We all have to start somewhere and then t
here was no Facebook, Twitter etc. to pick other artist's brains.  

I learnt by my mistakes, mainly costly ones, and,  to cut a long story short, was born and we now print for artists, textile artists and photographers up and down the UK

I therefore can't recommend highly enough the Get Print Ready Seminar for anyone venturing into the world of giclee printing. 

You can see all the info and book on this link

or book by emailing 

or book at the gallery (but check I am going to be in first as lot's happening at the moment)

That is why, with my artist friend Ruth Gray  was formed to help other artists and makers starting out or needing a helping hand.

We both enjoy helping others so please shout up if you see anything on our new menu that takes your fancy.. you can pick a copy of the menu from Studio 61 too... 

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Please don't look back and cringe too 

Karina xxxxxx