Sunday, 15 January 2017

Thank you Elaine Paige

Sundays are my walking days and together with Mr G and Bruno we either walk from our home or venture further into The Peak District discovering new places or revisiting our favourite walks.  We usually end up somewhere high up on the moors or along the edges and always think it would be rude not to call for a pint!

However today the rain hasn't stopped so we've had a day pottering and I've spent a lovely day in my studio with the heater on and my mug of coffee topped up.  Bruno chose to stay with me (not daft as it's warm and cosy) and I've managed to crack on with the three canvases I'm still underpainting for the tryptic commission and prepping lots of new canvases listening to Michael Ball on the radio.  As soon as Elaine Paige came on so did my own music! 

It was whilst listening to one of my favourite songs by Led Zeppelin that the name for my new series of paintings for 2017 was finalised. I'd been struggling with a title for ages. 😀  I knew what the content would be as I am doing a series of oils and watercolours inspired by my Sunday walks.  

So with more of a focus I had another few hours working on the first one of the series and had an idea for the second

Ramble On Series #1 - Beeley Moor
Ramble On Series #2 - Padley Gorge

So a big thanks to Elaine and apologies to her fans.

Keep you posted

love Karina  x

...and Bruno 🐶 x
(who had to be woken for a quick run in the woods between showers #itsadogslife)