Sunday, 26 May 2013

'Best Venue' Derbyshire Open Arts

Day one of Derbyshire Open Arts by the Friends of Studio 61 Gallery was filled with a steady stream of visitors who were greeted with a vast array of artwork to choose from making us a great destination to head to. Customers expressed delight at the quality and variety of work on offer here. With many vowing to return today or tomorrow!

We have ample parking outside and 13 artists showing work along side the work already available on the walls of the gallery.

The beautiful location and sunshine along with the tea and coffee makes for a very pleasant event. We also have a few artists working during Derbyshire Open Arts sharing their skills and knowledge and discussing their workshops and classes that they run throughout the year.

Derbyshire Open Arts continues today and tomorrow 11-5pm don't miss out on what was described as the:
'Best venue they had been to all day!'
Below are some photos taken during set up, we would love to see you too!