Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Artist in a Window Jayne Nemeth/Scouse Interview

Our May artist in the window is Jayne Nemeth/Scouse we asked her what lies behind her beautiful artworks:

Who are you and what do you do?

Hi, I'm Jayne Nemeth/Scouse and I’m a part-time artist living in Derbyshire. I work mainly in pen and ink and acrylics mainly of coastal scenes and some local.

How do you work?

I take LOTS of photographs even if just walking the dog, most may not even be that inspiring but the one's that are i'll sketch first to see if they're ink- able. I usually find if I can visualise the finished pic then it's worth the risk of having a go.

What’s your background?

As a youngster I was always interested in drawing from being allowed to design fayre posters for my church going aunt and uncle to charging mates a pound for a sketch of their favourite idols! Eventually progressing to doing art 'A ‘level under a tutor who had been taught by Peter Blake, whose enthusiasm was very infectious.



How has your practice changed over time?

Originally I used to work in acrylics pretty much straight onto canvas, these days I work in pen and ink. I find I do more prep work but I enjoy how the flow of ink can't be completely controlled and so if flows too much or blobs even, I just have to work with it. 

 What themes do you pursue?

Although I live quite close to some stunning peak scenery I tend to lean towards coastal scenes, whether this is down to happy holiday memories as a child or feeling 'landlocked' I honestly have no idea, I just find views of the sea and rocks etc. really inspiring.



What memorable responses have you had to your work?

The commission I had recently that came completely out of the blue from a lady who had only seen a few pieces of my work .But on that basis was more than happy to give me a quick brief and trust me to come up with something she was happy with. Thankfully she loved it and it's definitely given me more faith in my work.
What inspires you?

The sea, rocks, unlimited amounts of sky, rough winds and open space. Though oddly I can't swim and i'm no fan of adrenaline sports! 

Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?

I don't actually find the artistic life lonely, maybe because I’m an only child? However I am, was more so, a shy person especially with people I don't know, but I’m finding my renewed interest in my art is involving me in all sorts of groups and community projects and making me more confident in myself as well as my work and therefore pushing me 'out there' as it were.

Favourite or most inspirational place?

Obviously it's going to be coastal so like many others I’ll go for St Ives in Cornwall even though I haven't made it there in a while. Not just for the fantastic views and light but for it's close knit artistic community, I would have loved to have been around when the St Ives artists were getting established and getting together to hold discussions and exhibitions. I might favour ink but still love the forms of a Barbara Hepworth bronze. 

Professionally, what’s your goal?

At the moment simply to keep enjoying my inking. I’m working towards more peak and local scenes with the hope of producing a calendar by the end of the year even if only for family, and that's pretty much it I’m happiest with ink smudged up my arms and my kids moaning that there's acrylic on the dinner plates!

Thankyou Jayne! Find out more:
The main gallery exhibition continues with Julia Crossland see previous blog post below, and Derbyshire Open Arts will take place 25th-27th May 11-5pm with 13 artists exhibiting at the gallery.