Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Derbyshire Open Arts Part 3 at Studio 61 Gallery

This is the third and final blog showcasing the artists taking part in Derbyshire Open Arts this May at Studio 61 Gallery, each year we aim to bring you a variety of styles by emerging and established artists, below are the artists statements and works by three of those taking part this year.

Ruth Gray

Ruth is a town and landscape artist working mainly in Interactive Atelier Acrylic and produces paintings that at first glance could be mistaken for far more glamorous climes when in fact many are local scenes of everyday towns in Derbyshire. Ruth also produces more abstract mixed media work of British landscapes she has visited. Ruth has just finished her Ripley Rattler series which will be shown at DH Lawrence museum in Eastwood during June and July. Currently working to commission with plans for a new series of work that will be displayed in 2016.

Ruth is part of the g2g group that promotes the work of artists that show work at Studio 61 Gallery and Cromford Studio and Gallery as well as help promote the historic surrounding area in between. Ruth is also a co opted member of Derbyshire Open Arts and is assisting running the social media for 2014. Always keen to use her knowledge and network to help out at events and recently was a member of the steering committee for Art in the Round run by Derby College.
New for this year has been demonstrations for small local art groups and workshops for Nottingham arts organisations. Ruth's work has been exhibited in Sydney, London and she has taken part in over 100 shows both in the UK and Australia during the last ten years.

‘Artywood’ by Dianna Lee

Dianna's varied work includes murals, illustrations, slate and wood art.
Her oak original paintings and prints from her full range will be on display at Studio 61 this year for Derbyshire Open Arts.
The wood art is painted onto oak panels suitable for internal and external displays.
These paintings use the wood grain to enhance the picture with wood dyes, inks and oils for water, meadows or landscapes.

She paints these oak images from inspiration from the natural habitat, unlike her illustrations which are mainly fictional or inspired by current trends in lifestyle.
Using both oak and slate makes her paintings versatile. The wood paintings can be as large as 4’ x 8’, some of which have been commissioned for displays outside creating the effect of an external mural.

She qualified as a clothing designer and interior designer in 1990 and worked for High Street brands for many years. Her experience in both design areas has provided the flair and knowledge that she has today to produce these pieces of art available from ‘Artywood.’

Karina Goodman

Studio 61 is a working art studio and gallery in the Derbyshire Dales featuring the watercolours and oils of Artist Karina Goodman.
My inspiration comes from the varied landscapes and landmarks and a love of the sea and Cornwall, always with the emphasis on colour and atmosphere.
I specialise in watercolours and recently started using oils as I felt I wanted to create more depth of colour and texture. My watercolours are colourful and quirky or atmospheric using different types of salts, squirting lots of water and then waiting to see the results. I am fascinated with ravaged trees and skies and this is reflected in my more atmospheric watercolours.

My passion for walking gives me the opportunity to acquire some amazing photographs and my landscapes are mainly from photos taken whilst out walking or from images floating around in my head...

I would describe my life as happy and hectic! With two teenagers, a busy husband, a dog and running my business, time is of an essence; my days out walking are 'recharging the batteries ‘days.

Derbyshire Open Arts Weekend takes place 24th - 26th May 10 - 5 pm everyone is welcome to join us and refreshments will be available.