Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Blog Update plus you can now follow the Blog by email ....

Autumn Arrivals

Hope you've  noticed that the Blog has had a bit of a refresh, albeit a subtle one, and it's hoped to still keep everyone updated about my Guest Artists, Artists in The Window and events. You can now follow the Blog by email, share with your friends and contact me so I hope you will find this useful.

In addition there's such a variety of work arriving almost daily, and,as an artist, I work and respond visually so I intend to keep you more in touch with photos of new arrivals, life at the gallery and what the cheeky monkey Bruno has been up to.

It's nearly a year since we had him and can't imagine what we did before. Our home was alot tidier, the garden wasn't dug up, our food bills weren't as big and I had a pair of slippers that were intact. Having said that I love him to bits and love it when he's with me at the gallery.  He can be found in his bed under my easel chilling to Pink Floyd, The Eagles and other old stuff on my playlist and has become quite a little star. Used to be called a Mongrel but apparrently he's a Cavapom!!

You are welcome to pop in and say hello Bruno x