Wednesday, 2 November 2016

New Art Group, Studio 61 on the move and more

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this weekend
November fundraising
new art group
on the move
Winter sale

Lots to tell you as it's been a busy year to say the least and November is no exception.

This Sunday sees me once again exhibiting with a lovely group of artists and makers


New Art Group

As Derbyshire Regional Society Coordinator (RSC) for The Society For All Artists (SAA), assisted by fellow SAA PA Ruth Gray,  we have formed new Art Group for artists to  #network #learn #create with events at Tansley Village Hall, on the road and at galleries/art venues.  Full programme is on 
Derbyshire Regional SAA - Purple and Grey Art Group

 #network #learn #create .

Studio 61 is relocating

This year has seen me struggle with time, or lack of it as I’m getting busier with my commissions and trying to write and illustrate my second children’s book. Running the gallery, managing all the artists and makers on my books, the fundraising exhibitions, the Hippity Hop online shop, Studio 61 Printing and Purple and Grey commitments has been a bit like juggling plates to say the least.

So, Studio 61 has moved to a woodland hideaway after being open to the public for many happy years, but with more commissions and book illustrations it means I can now paint or write most days still accompanied by Bruno the gallery dog who loves his new surroundings.  

Studio 61 Printing will continue "by Appointment or by Post" 

Winter Sale 5-19 November 10-4   -   STARTS 10 AM THIS SATURDAY

The last few weeks at Holloway this year will see a Winter Sale of paintings, prints, cards, glass and ceramics with 10% off everything including all the silver jewellery (Blue John, Whitby Jet, Coral, Seaglass and more).  Plus there will be up to 50% off many of my originals.  All just in time for Christmas.  

I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who visited my studio at Holloway and for their support, but I will still be on social media and already doors are opening for me to exhibit at the venues so that's not the last you are seeing of me!!

Hope to see you within the next few weeks 

Karina xxx